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Project Highlights
We render services for both client-server and web-based software with leading-edge technologies.
Product Marking for Sports Goods Retailer
Technology: ASP.NET, Flash MX 2004
Summary: Customer required product marking with images, colors, text, name and numbers to place an order. In this project an interface was developed to create marking for all printable products; provision was made to maintain the products in the cart and place an order. We proposed the complete design for the software.
The unique features of this solution are:
  • Interface to create markings for all printable products.
  • Provision to maintain the products in the cart and place order.
  • Size & Quantity and product generation choice after marking is done.
Throughout the execution, direct client contact was maintained and implemented the scheduled delivery with periodic customer review.
E-Commerce Web Application
Technology: SQL Server, .NET, IIS, Macromedia Dreamweaver
Summary: Our challenge was to have a purchase and payment gateway, to define products and prices for different categories of products and a reporting tool to know the best seller, who bought what, purchase and income generation for a given time period. We developed two modules: Admin and User panels. With Admin Panel, the admin can maintain product list and its prices. From the User Panel, users could shop or select products and checkout selected items with the help of payment gateway. The outstanding features of this website are:
  • Direct products with payment gateway
  • Products and prices for different member category
  • Reporting tool like Best seller, Who brought what, What person X purchase, What was purchase between date x and date y, How much money was generated between date x and date y.
ERP Package for a Rental Shop
Technology: .NET, SQL Server, Developer Express Tool 7
Summary: Client sought design and development of an ERP package to maintain products, packages, customers, contacts, Assets, Bookings, and Order Management details. A key need was the ability to do a booking from different warehouse locations and maintain the availability for video equipments rental shop. The solution involved providing easy check-in and check-out of the products from various warehouse locations, report cubes to create and maintain reports as per client's requirement and centralized database for all the warehouse locations. The project execution was fully customer-driven.
Logistics Solution for a Frozen Food Company
Technology: Visual Studio, SQL Server
Summary: Client’s need was to automate the process of goods transportation from the existing manual system. Apparently, the client required a software solution in Logistics vertical. We provided a better interface to capture all the transportation details. Our Logistics solution maintains the details about customers, routes, stations, products and trucks details. The application also maintains transaction details such as Order booking details, Way-bill, Manifest, Goods movement, Truck movement and Truck status. Some of the reports that can be generated are trip-wise revenue, truck-wise revenue and trans-shipment details.
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