Data Processing
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Process Flow
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Projects Done
Projects Done
We have done large volume data processing projects on a daily basis with regular deliverables for the past 11 years.

Projects Input Output Volume
Data Processing TIFF SGML 625,000 Pages
Data Processing PD XML 861,510 Pages
Data Conversion TXT/DOC XML 53,000 Pages
Data Conversion txt/doc to XML TXT/DOC XML 84,600 Records
Newspapers Conversion PDF to XML PDF XML 94,100 Pages
Data Conversion PDF to HTML PDF HTML 81,625 Pages
Manual Data Entry PDF to MS Word Scanned images MS-Word 10,000 Pages
OCR Data Entry from Printed Books Printed Books MS-Word 65,820 Pages
Contact information for Companies into Excel JPEG MS-Excel 50,000 Records
Hard Copy into MS Access Hard Copy MS-Access 50,600 Records
XML Coding from editable format TXT XML 75,000 Pages

Hard Copy to MS Word

Hard Copy MS-Word 10,000 Pages
Scanning of Hard Copy to Searchable PDF using OCR Hard Copy Vector or PDF 30,000 Pages
Data Entry for Mailing List into MS-Excel DOC MS-Excel 40,000 Records
Form Processing into MS Access Printed forms MS-Access 20,000 Records
Combine Spreadsheets and eliminate duplicates EXCEL EXCEL 65,000 Records
Data Entry, indexing and title hyperlink of books Hard Copy Searchable PDF 19,000 Pages
Large-scale data capture and processing TIFF/PDF Excel; Database 65,000 Records
PDF Conversion PDF Ms-Word; Text 85,500 Pages
Survey tabulation and analysis TIFF/Hardcopy Excel; Database 80,000 Records
Writing, Copy
Editing & Proof Reading